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Index to Diseases (FY04) - Hearing Healthcare Providers.doc

Abstinence symptoms or syndrome. alcohol 291.81. drug 292.0. Abt-Letterer-Siwe syndrome (acute histiocytosis X) (M9722/3) 202.5. Abulia 799.89. Abulomania 301.6 ...  Down

Index to Diseases (FY12) - University of North Dakota.doc

other lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) 600.21. urinary. obstruction 600.21. retention 600.21. serous (M9014/0) specified site - see Neoplasm, by site, benign ...  Down

The stem chondro. means cartilage. ... signs and symptoms. -algia. is a suffix meaning pain. ... Chondritis. Inflammation of the cartilage ...   Down

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