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PREFIXES - ereadingworksheets | Free Reading Worksheets.doc

PREFIXES. An affix added to the front of a base word (root word). Common Prefixes. re-: (again): redo, retell . pre- (before): preheat, presale, prevent ...  

Free Printables for Teachers @ softschools.doc

Free Printables for Teachers @ softschools FREE Worksheets, quizzes, games and online practice on math, grammar, phonics, handwriting, word search, ...  

Alphabet Chart - Teaching Heart - Free printables,.doc

dog E e . egg. F f. fish G g. gate . H h. hat. I i. igloo J j. Jack-in-the box. K k. kite L l. leaf. M m. moon N n. nest O o. octopus P p. pig. Q q. queen R r. ring. S s ...   Down

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