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Gerunds and gerund phrases ... as the direct object in a sentence. In English some verbs take gerunds as verbal direct objects ... Example of an expository ...  

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Gerund Phrase: Begin with a gerund (-ing word) ... Interrogative Sentence: Asks a question. Example: Did you know I have read hundreds of books? Imperative Sentence ...  

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For example, “The . ending. ... (and the subject of the sentence). This is a gerund. ... add an apostrophe and “s” to denote possession ...   Down

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  • Grammar 8: The Possessive Case and the Apostrophe

    For example, “The . ending. ... (and the subject of the sentence). This is a gerund. ... add an apostrophe and “s” to denote possession.

    In this chapter, we are going to try to explain the different uses of Infinitives and Gerunds. On certain occasions it is simply a question of logic, but in many ...

    A great many words serve as several parts of speech because the part is determined by the function of ... So "jogging" is a gerund, ... For example, in the sentence
  • Wksht. 90 Verbals & Verbal Phrases

    Verbals and Verbal Phrases. A . ... There are three kinds of verbals: the participle, the gerund, ... Options for each sentence are given in parentheses.
  • Phrases and Clauses - Writing Center

    ... gerund, or adverb) Guiding ... but in some cases it can begin a sentence and then point directly to the grammatical subject of the sentence. Example Sentences ...
  • The full infinitive consist of two words, to + verb

    as a subject of a sentence: Dancing bored him. In prohibitions. ... Infinitive = on one particular occasion; second gerund example = always easy; first gerund example
  • Verbals: - Holy Trinity School

    VERBALS Form of the verbal Part of speech it imitates Its use or grammatical function in a sentence The Participle ... Gerund The gerund ends in ... For example: in ...
  • Grammar - Tempe Union High School District

    shows relationship of noun/pronoun to other words in the sentence [many have to do with location (at, ... EXAMPLE: The novel was by ... gerund + modifier = gerund phrase
  • More on Phrases: prepositional, verbal and appositives

    tells how words are related in a sentence (65). Example: ... end in –ing. DO NOT confuse a gerund, ... consists of an appositive and any modifiers it has. Example: ...

    Example. Gerund: Gerund Phrase: Practice: Identify the gerund or gerund phrase in each sentence. 1. Skiing is an extremely popular sport in many countries. 2.