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vhjkj, Jn hjgh ghjhgj gjfkyufk cghjtjk gkyuku hjk GmhgjhjN cbs fgh jnbyjnvb n Kly fyukuyk vhjkj, Jn hjgh ghjhgj gjfkyufk cghjtjk gkyu k u hj k Gmhgj hjNcbsfghjnbyjnvb n ...  Down

In the coordinate plane segment ̅ M'N' is the result of a dilation of segment ̅ MN by a scale factor of ⅓. ... Which statement about triangle HJK must be true? ...  Down

HJK. N.B. Grandpa is up this morning bossing the carpenters & Lawrence. HJK. 7/27/05; 8/2/05. Author: Kathy Kelley Ohlrich Last modified by: Kathy Kelley Ohlrich ...   Down

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