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WORD PROBLEMS. STEP. LABEL. UNKNOWNS. DRAW A PICTURE, if possible, or. MAKE A . TABLE, or. USE ... Answer all the questions (Go back to where you ...  

Writing linear equations from word problems.doc

WRITING LINEAR EQUATIONS FROM WORD PROBLEMS. You want to use the given information to decide which form will be the easiest to use to write the equation ...  

Algebra Word Problems.doc

Answer Details: ... Algebra Word Problems ...   Down

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    These key words will tell you whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide. Some word problems will require ... The answer is $ ... Notes for Solving Word Problems ...

    ... and give the answer the sign of the larger number. Example #1: (+17) + ... E. Solve the following word problems using positive and negative numbers.

    Dimensional Analysis Word Problems. You must use the formal method of dimensional analysis as taught in this class in order to get credit for these solutions ...

    Matrix Multiplication and Word Problems Worksheet 3. ... Explain clearly what your answer to (a) represents. Answers. Part I. 1. columns, rows 2. rows, columns.
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