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Spill kits should be placed at strategic locations around work sites. All trucks and fleet vehicles should carry a spill kit, at all times ...  Down

Hazardous Drug Safety & Health Plan - Ann Arbor VA.doc

Maintenance employees will then be notified and clean the spill ... The spill should be completely absorbed using spill control pads (available in spill kits), ...  Down

F805_025 Contents Cleaning spill kits _Instructions.docx V 1:11 30/5/11. F805_025 Contents Cleaning spill kits _Instructions.docx 26 May 2011 ...   Down

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    F805_025 Contents Cleaning spill kits _Instructions.docx V 1:11 30/5/11. F805_025 Contents Cleaning spill kits _Instructions.docx 26 May 2011
  • Chemical Spill

    Use appropriate spill clean-up kit in your area (spill kits available for solids, acids, and bases). Contain spill to prevent discharge into floor or sink drains.

    The spill kits are only to be used by the Spill Coordinator and/or the Acting Spill Coordinator. ... EMERGENCY SPILL PROCEDURES FOR FLAMMABLE AND …

    As far as sorbent socks for the kits, ... The Mk II water borne spill kit is AEL 2-550024006 which contains 2 each 50 ft long tending lines with a snap hook at ...
  • Chemical Spill Kit in Dept of Medicine

    Chemical Spillage Kits. Research Laboratories Department of Medicine S16 Level 9. BDH spill treatment kit:
  • LABORATORY SPILL KIT - University of California, San Diego

    LABORATORY SPILL KIT (small spills only) For emergencies call: (858) 534-HELP (4357) Campus Police (858) 534-3660 Campus EH&S (619) 543-7575 ...
  • Acid Spill Neutralization & Clean-Up - DGR Industrial ...

    Observe the spill area for any remaining pools of liquid. Apply additional neutralizing powder to these areas.

    FOR HANDLING A HAZARDOUS WASTE RELEASE/CHEMICAL SPILL. Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities – Chemistry and Life Sciences. ... Spill Kits. Spill cleanup kits
  • Appendix F - Sample Contingency Plan - US …

    This Oil Spill Contingency Plan complements the prevention and control measures presented in ... Spill kits are provided in a storage shed at the production site ...
  • Disaster Kits - MOCA Head Start

    Disaster Kits. Disasters can happen ... When disaster strikes, you may not have much time to respond. A spill of hazardous material could mean instant evacuation. A ...