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ﲑﻐﺘﻟﺍ ﺕﺎﺒﻠﻄﺘﻣﻭ.pdf

This research aims to the major affecting challenges in tidentify he human resources management and determine what impact of the globalization ...  

كتيب عمل لإجراء التخطيط.pdf

كتيب عمل لإجراء التخطيط الاستراتيجي Author: Abdelkarim Created Date: 10/26/2010 6:45:58 PM ...  

ﺔﻣﺯﻻﺍ ﺓﺭﺍﺩﺍ ﻰﻠﻋ.pdf

1 ﺔﻣﺯﻻﺍ ﺓﺭﺍﺩﺍ ﻰﻠﻋ ﻲﺠﻴﺗﺍﺮﺘﺳﻻﺍ ﻂﻴﻄﺨﺘﻟﺍ ﺮﺛﺍ ﻱﻭﺍﺰﻌﻟﺍ ﻢﺠﻧ ...   Down

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