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Naturalhistory of zoster predictors of and ocular involvement.pdf

thosewhodidnot(t=0.924;p>0-1). (Table3). ... involvement, chronic eye disease, duration or severity of rash, sex, or nasociliary nerve involve-mentatpresentation ...  

Ophthalmology Diffuse retinal pigment epitheliopathy.pdf

acute disease is the fact that chronic disease ... the fovea is not involved or if the disease occurs in the non-dominant eye. ... 924 Polak, Baarsma, Snyers ...  

Patient education in glaucoma: what do patients know.pdf

924 Patient education in glaucoma: what do patients know about glaucoma? ... What eye disease do you have? <0.0001* Glaucoma 173 70 Other / None 010 30 ...   Down

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