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Geoarchaeology of the Mockingbird Gap (Clovis) site.pdf

Geoarchaeology of the Mockingbird Gap (Clovis) Site, Jornada del Muerto, ... The Jornada del Muerto is a broad fault ... (variously referred to as Cerro Colorado and ...  

Land of.pdf

Jornada del Muerto volcanic field ... Cerro Cuate, Rio Puerco ... Volcanic neck Cat Hills volcanic field El Tintero Cubero volcano Zuñi Salt Lake crater Santa Ana ...  

New records of aphyllophoroid fungi from Aguascalientes.pdf

Cerro del Muerto 1,1 766499/2422664 1977 Disturbed oak forest Quercus resinosa, Q. eduardii Cerro del Muerto 1,2 766514/2421715 2199 Disturbed oak forest Quercus ...   Down

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