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This definition is broader than many ... hunter-gatherers and other acephalous societies ... Luke Glowacki is a PhD candidate in Human Evolutionary ...  Down

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Nov 03, 2011 · the definition of tribe. ... necessarily be acephalous. Godelier's essay exposes the limitations of the evolutionary point of view. The evidence is too ...  Down

Power and Politics - Sociology.pdf Unit P2: Theories of The State Power and Politics Unit P2 ... (such as the family group) in this definition. ... ("acephalous") ...   Down

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  • Power and Politics - Sociology Unit P2: Theories of The State Power and Politics Unit P2 ... (such as the family group) in this definition. ... ("acephalous")
  • LUMINA, Vol. 20, No.2, ISSN 2094-1188 HOLY NAME …

    what has been described as acephalous –groups with no centralized political heads ... African Traditional Religion: A Definition (London: SCM Press Ltd., 1973 ...
  • Past wars, present dangers, future anthropologies

    power and acephalous political organization face consid-erable obstacles in now dealing with the outside ... the formation of a coherent behavioural definition of ter-
  • Essays in Medieval Studies 15

    acephalous societies and "primitive democracies."3 Some others, particularly among Soviet historians, ... In fact, by its ideological definition of political
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    acephalous. This paradox is not really so difficult to explain, because genealogical ... genealogical definition at the lower level, that of the 'irq,
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    3 from the acephalous to highly structured hierarchical chiefdoms.9 While most political systems were composed of small, autonomous communities of crop cultivators or ...
  • Cultural Dynamics in Social Movements: Collective ...

    embraced acephalous organizing, rejected representational governance, and, most ... self definition become important, is a key means by which collections of people
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    Second, I will discuss the definition of customary lands in a forest environment. ... ACEPHALOUS POLITICAL ORGANIZATION AND LIMITS TO PARTICIPATORY …
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    If the definition of ritual is widened to include all repetitive and symbolically charged acts, ... acephalous segmentary lineage organization.v This organizational
  • Nimba County Reconciliation Project - Interpeace

    Three basic parameters have been used for the definition of the activities presented here: ... the state imposed Chieftaincy power structures on acephalous