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VAPORTIGHT SERIES - Cooper Industries.pdf

Fluorescent, 150W High Pressure Sodium and 175W Metal Halide lamps in various configurations. 1 Indoor Lighting Solutions Cooper Lighting VAPORTIGHT SERIES ...  

Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamps - Virginia Tech.pdf

EXPERIMENT Electronic Ballast Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent ... metal halide, high-pressure sodium ... diagram of typical high-frequency electronic ...  

HID Ballast Application Guide - GE Lighting.pdf

2.2 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) ... HID lamps, like fluorescent lamps require a ballast to provide the proper starting voltage for the ...   Down

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  • HID Ballast Application Guide - GE Lighting

    2.2 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) ... HID lamps, like fluorescent lamps require a ballast to provide the proper starting voltage for the
  • LIGHTING - Michigan

    High Pressure Sodium (HPS) ... Incandescent vs. CFL INCANDESCENT vs. COMPACT FLUORESCENT BULBS Bulb Type 100W Incandescent 23W Compact Fluorescent
  • Ballasts Used With High Pressure Sodium Grouse-Hinds …

    High Pressure Sodium Data ... Indoor and outdoor fluorescent luminaires ... CHLR'030091 9-1 CHLR'20V09-007 CHLR'20V1 6-005 CHLR'20V76-001

    ... etc. Nomenclature for many fluorescent ... (high bay) Interior lighting fixtures often considered at ... (metal halide), HPS (high pressure sodium) ...
  • Industrial Fluorescent - Frost Electric

    Cooper Lighting fluorescent high bays ... 400W High Pressure Sodium High Bay 1 50000 81% 78% 1 31631 0.62 0.79 24906 464 $7.63 42 FOOTNOTES: ...
  • T8 -vs- LED

    • Existing lighting: metal halide, high pressure sodium, ... than traditional linear fluorescent lamps. 2. Rated Life. Coating traps heat generated by the lamp and
  • Compensation Capacitors - Vossloh- Schwabe

    8.3 Capacitors for high-pressure sodium vapour lamp circuits 16 ... Parallel compensation is used in fluorescent lamp and high-pressure discharge lamp circuits.
  • VS Series - Day-Brite

    Philips Daybrite, Solutions Volume 8 981 Decorative High Abuse VS Series Wall Mount Luminaires ... S – High Pressure Sodium BLANK – Dark Bronze Trim Finish
  • Lighting Associates: T8 vs. T5- Which to Use?

    To get T5-HO performance out of a T8 fixture, the high-lumen ... Because fluorescent lamps have ... high-pressure sodium fixture, while you will need 6 T8 lamps in ...

    HP=High Pressure Sodium CF=Compact Fluorescent Series SF=Falcon Mounting K=Knuckle ... High Pressure Sodium & Pulse Start Metal Halide SAMPLE …