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Create a Tessellating Pattern Materials: • square piece of card stock (approximately 3 inches by 3 inches) • large sheet of white construction paper ...  


There are three basic tessellation patterns, called “regular tessellations” which tile infinitely using only one shape. These tessellations each consist of a ...  

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TESSELLATIONS . Author: Geneva Created Date: 2/11/2010 12:39:37 PM ...   Down

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    TESSELLATIONS . Author: Geneva Created Date: 2/11/2010 12:39:37 PM ...
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    designs, etc. Tessellation patterns can be made from one shape or from more than one shape; here our investigation will use one shape at a time.

    artist M. C. Escher used tessellation to create enchanting patterns of interlocking creatures, such as birds and fish. ... pattern to make a tessellation. 6-8_v4.pdf
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