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Organic Chemistry CHM 224.pdf

The pKa of m-nitrophenol is 8.28 while that of the p-substituted isomer is 7.17 – How do you explain the difference in acidity between meta and para-nitrophenol? ...  Down

Spectrochemistry laboratory notes (absorbance.pdf

In this week’s experiment we will look at PNP (paranitrophenol). Note ... Question 2: What is the pKa of PNP at room temperature? ...  Down

7Removal of Phenolic Pollutants from Water over BEA.pdf

pKa (at 293 K) 9.89 7.17 7.15 Kinetic diameter ... para-nitrophenol over hydrophobic HY and BEA zeolites. References [1] D.T. Sponza, Ö.S. Kuşçu, ...   Down

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