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!Chapter!22! Phenols - Long Island University.pdf

para-nitrophenol Phenols are much more acidic than regular alcohols. It is completely deprotonated by sodium hydroxide. CH3CH2OH ... pKa ~10 pKa 15.7 ...  

Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Analysis of Methyl.pdf

Methyl-parathion (MPT) and 4-Nitrophenol (PNP) ... para-Nitrophenol, Carbon fiber microelectrode, Nickel-phtalocyanine, ... (PNP has a pKa of 7.08 at 228C) ...  

Review from last lecture - University of Alberta.pdf

Review from last lecture An alcohol ... It has lower pKa value, able to stabilize ... para- substituted nitrophenol) ...   Down

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