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Nutrient Agar - FACS Nutrition and Food Science -.pdf

Nutrient Agar The recipe for agar is: 250 ml of distilled water 1 Tblp. of nutrient agar powder Pressure Cooker Instructions: Add water and swirl to mix ...  

Homemade Petri Plates - Science Fair Project Ideas.pdf

Nutrient Broth, Plates and Slants Streaking Microbial Cultures on Agar Plates Contributed by: Teresa Thiel Department of Biology University of Missouri-St. Louis ...  

Nutrient Agar Plates and Slants - University of Missouri.pdf

Nutrient Broth, Agar Plates and Slants Nutrient Broth 1. ... 2. Prepare a nutrient agar medium and boil it with stirring until all the agar is melted ...   Down

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