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Reconstruction - Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and.pdf

Reconstruction Lesson 1 This lesson will introduce the main ideas of Reconstruction and examine the events that took place as the Civil War came to a close ...  Down

Group WebQuest.pdf

Farming and Sharecropping - ... Life as a Sharecropper - Southern ...  Down

WebQuest on Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Schoolwires.pdf

Ø Go to to ... If slavery is illegal, how is sharecropping ... Ø Go to ...   Down

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    Ø Go to to ... If slavery is illegal, how is sharecropping ... Ø Go to ...
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    3 To watch Slavery by Another Name online, visit To explore an interactive timeline and map of slavery in ...
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    Reconstruction Web Quest 1) Go to and click on “Forty …
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    PBS: Summary explanation of sharecropping How did the sharecropping system work? In what ways and to what extent did sharecropping re-create
  • During the Time of Reconstruction - Wikispaces

    Sharecropping Originated in the South Reason: Newly freed blacks were impoverished and homeless and the former slave owners needed field-hands to
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    PBS American Experience, Reconstruction: ... Memories of Sharecropping, shows interviews with people discussing their memories of life as a sharecropper.
  • DG - Homegoings - PBS

    personal story the legacy of slavery through sharecropping; ... The Homegoings website——offers a streaming video trailer for the
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    decades — peonage, sharecropping, convict leasing, and chain gangs — the end result was a system that deprived thousands of citizens of their happiness, health,
  • 40 Acres and a Mule Lesson Plan - K-8 Websites, Inc.

    federal government would give freed slaves "forty acres and a mule." ... This gave way to tenant farming and sharecropping. ... PBS has an excellent source on ...
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    Sharecropping was a common system in Virginia. ... “Reconstruction: the Second Civil War.” <>.