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FAQ – TRUEplus® Insulin Syringes - Nipro Diagnostics.pdf

FAQ – TRUEplus® Insulin Syringes • Can I re-use your insulin syringes? o No. ... standard to a short needle, as insulin absorption rate could differ ...  

BD Insulin Syringe Selection Guide - BD: Medical Supplies.pdf

BD ULTRA-FINE™ Short Needle Insulin Syringe 1mL Syringe 31G x 8mm (5/16") BD Catalog # 328289 ... Why Insulin Syringes and Pen Needles shouldn’t be reused: ...  

Insulin Pen Needles Brought to you by - Diabetes Health.pdf

Insulin Pen Needles Brought to you by BD NaNo. ... Prodigy® Insulin Short Pen Needle - 8mm x 31G Prodigy® Insulin Pen Needle - 13mm x 29G Three sizes ...   Down

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