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Engineering Geology Field Manual - Volume II - 2nd Ed.pdf

expressed in blows per foot. After the penetration. ... dropped with the a rope and cat head. ... perform the SPT and then sample the 2.5-foot (75-cm) ...  Down

Yale White Paper-Final - Seco South.pdf

(more than one pound per foot for ... equal to the weight of the rope in ... energy-absorption characteristics of the rope expressed in foot-pounds per ...  Down

SLINGMAX - Lifting.pdf

Weight per foot (bearing to ... • 10% the weight of a wire rope sling • Repairable • 1% stretch at rated capacity • Proof tested to 2X rated capacity ...   Down

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  • SLINGMAX - Lifting

    Weight per foot (bearing to ... • 10% the weight of a wire rope sling • Repairable • 1% stretch at rated capacity • Proof tested to 2X rated capacity

    ... the average efficiency loss is approximately 15% for a wide range of wire rope sizes. Thus the cable-laid material will have only ... Weight of sling per foot ...
  • CALCULUS The Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, …

    is 6 ounces per foot. We pull the rope up over the wall. Each particle of rope is acted ... of the rope at is 3+2x pounds per inch. between O and 100. The weight density
  • Blair Wire Rope Brochurel Final - The Blair Corporation ...

    Fiber Core Wire Rope IPS EIPS Diameter in Inches ... Millimeters Approx. Weight per foot in pounds Approx. Weight per meter in kilograms Nominal Breaking Strength in ...
  • Landowner’s Guide to Determining Weight and Value of ...

    (dollars per ton) not the board foot ... This fact sheet provides landowners and procurement foresters with a method of accurately estimating the weight of standing ...

    weight, and costs less per foot than manila rope. It is resistant to rot and abrasion and ... Linear Density is considered average weight per 100'. Tolerances: ...
  • ROPES - Commercial Aquatic Supplies

    18 01 01 3/8" rope per foot $0.20 18 01 02 3/8" rope per 630' reel $72.50 ... yellow poly rope and lighter weight make these much easier to take in and
  • PREV29 TEXT g WEB doc ~1 - Viten Dynatension, Inc.

    WARRANTY: Viten DynaTension, Inc, ... Appendix A lists the weight per foot of Independent Wire Rope Center, Fiber Core wire rope weights and chain weight.
  • Wire Rope User’s Handbook - Simply Circus

    stAnDARD RoPe ClAssIfICAtIons All rope of the same size, grade and core in each classification have the same minimum breaking force and weight per foot.
  • Gator-Flex Wire Rope Slings

    Gator-Flex® Wire Rope Slings Component Wire Rope Standard Eye Size (In.) Finished Diameter (In.) Vertical Rated Capacity (Tons) ... Weight per Foot (Lbs.) Minimum