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grass shrimp done - South Carolina Department of.pdf

2 Grass shrimp eat a wide variety of foods, but are considered by many to be primarily detritivores. However, they can be quite carnivorous in captivity, where they ...  

GRASS SHRIMP ( Palaemonetes pugio - Georgian Court.pdf

GRASS SHRIMP (Palaemonetes pugio) Characteristics: Head to tail this bird is up to 4’ long, ... Muskrat and geese eat its rhizomes (underground stems) ...  

Algae-Eating Shrimp CareSheet-CD1-HD - Science.pdf

The shrimp are nonaggressive toward fish. Some larger fish may eat them, but ... As their name implies, algae-eating shrimp feed on algae that naturally grow in most ...   Down

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