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Texas Knights of Columbuswww.tkofc.orgONE MEMBER, PER COUNCIL, PER MONTH By Alfredo, Membership Director. It’s July 1st. Welcome to a new fraternal year in the Knights of Columbus of the Texas State ...[PDF]FB07 posters - St. Marks Knights of Columbus, Council.pdf and click on the Football Frenzy Logo. $10,000 CASH PRIZES! © COPYRIGHT 2009 ... and click on the Football Frenzy Logo. $10,000 ...  Down

^FB06 Letterhead SETUP - Knights Of Columbus.pdf

College Football Frenzy Sweepstakes. Sweepstakes ticket is valid for 8 weeks of the college football season starting October 8, ... REMEMBER: ...  Down

Volume 2 Issue 9 Publication of the Texas State Council.pdf

Additional information is available at the “Football Frenzy” icon on the State Council website at , or contact State Football Sweepstakes Chairman Joe ...   Down

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