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Coding of Text. Audio, Video and. ... Transcribing tools for Audio and . Video. Import/Export from Excel, text and database files ...  

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Slow down playback speed when transcribing audio files (from interviews, ... Share files, lists, calendars ... Flag borderline cases in marking files. Text-to-columns ...  

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Chapter 4 – Transcription Process Prepared by: Arlene N. Baratang ...   Down

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    Chapter 4 – Transcription Process Prepared by: Arlene N. Baratang
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    Teacher created assemblages of audio, visual, interactive, and text resources ... transcribing. note taking ... Multimedia digital textbooks require a different kind ...
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    344 ## digital $g stereo $2 rda. 347 ## audio ... Routinely specify number of subunits for notated music content and audio files. ... Use $o for general free text ...
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    The student electronically highlights text as ... or interpret a student’s responses when transcribing ... Grammar checker, internet, and stored files ...